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Enjoying Safe Natural Gas

At Fayette Gas Board, safety is our top priority. Natural Gas is a wonderful product, and it must be handled correctly. It’s important for consumers to know the warning signs of a gas leak, and for anyone digging or adding natural gas to their home to contact our skilled technicians who have been trained to handle natural gas safely.

Smell Gas, Act Fast: For Emergencies, Call 911

If you hear a hissing, whistling or roaring sound near our pipelines or other facilities, please leave the area and call 911. Then, call our office so that our personnel can correct the problem and ensure the safety of the public.

Do I Have a Gas Leak?

The smell of rotten eggs is a common sign of a gas leak. If you smell this, leave the area immediately and call for help. Other signs include a hissing (or even a “roaring” sound) coming from your appliance, a pipe or the ground. Seeing plants that are dead for no reason, seeing dirt or water blowing into the air, or seeing standing water that is bubbling are other warning signs. If you see any of these signs, leave the area and get help immediately.

Natural gas is a colorless, odorless gas that has a chemical, Mercaptan, added by the Board. Mercaptan gives natural gas an odor that is similar to the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur, that smell helps detect a possible leak. If you think you are smelling gas, leave the area immediately, and then call 911, followed by the gas board office. Never turn on a light switch, flashlight or phone in the presence of the gas smell because an electric spark could ignite the gas, causing an explosion.

What To Do If I Think I Have a Gas Leak

  • Leave the area immediately
  • Call 911 and report the leak
  • Call Fayette Gas immediately after calling 911
  • DO NOT light matches or use lighters in the area (do not light candles or smoke cigarettes)
  • DO NOT use an automatic garage door or start or stop a car
  • DO NOT turn off electrical switches, light switches, thermostats or electronics (they could spark)

To learn more about natural gas service in our area call 205-932-5269 or 1-866-299-9569.

Call Before You Dig

Natural Gas is wonderful, but it must be handled correctly. It’s extremely important to Call Before You Dig so any Natural Gas lines can be identified and handled by technicians who have had safety training. It is a requirement of State and Federal law that you Call Before You Dig or move earth in any way. When you call, we will help you locate the lines to ensure your safety and prevent damage to underground pipelines. 

Markers have been placed at the pipeline crossings of public roads, railroads, navigable waterways and other locations on our right-of-way to indicate the presence of one or more underground high pressure pipelines. Temporary marking devices consist of flags, stakes, paint or other suitable means of identifying pipeline facilities in the field. Temporary marking devices will be bright yellow which is the Fayette Gas Board’s color for gas pipeline locating.

For line locations, Dial 811 or Explore Alabama 811. For emergency locates after hours, weekends or holidays, call 205-270-0088.